Meet the Maker: Daniel Brennan, founder and winemaker of Decibel Wines, is visiting Sydney.

With his visit only a few weeks away, we're looking forward to having winemaker Daniel Brennan from Decibel Wines in the trade. His visit to Sydney and Newcastle is a great opportunity to meet the winemaker and the range of Decibel wines. This is the chance to get up close and personal, try the wines and learn more about them from the source himself. Daniel draws on inspiration from the places he visits and the people he meets. We recently asked him what he is looking forward to on his trip to Sydney and what customers can expect:


What do you enjoy about Visiting the trade in Sydney?

Besides the nice weather, Sydney provides me with a great look ahead on what to expect in the wine world. I find it to be a very progressive market both in wine styles, branding and certain demands from the consumers. My winemaking and in turn the wines I produce are always about food and Sydney has such a great range of restaurants and talented chefs. I find it a welcome challenge to see how my wines stack up against the Australian and even other imported wines with the food scene. And on a purely selfish note, I always seem to come back to NZ with some more ideas for my kitchen, where we cook as a family, usually twice a day. This all adds up to expanding my palate a bit and keeping the wheels turning for more ideas with subtle things in my craft as it pertains to macerations, oak choices, picking times and overall styles. It was because of this type of perspective that allowed me the confidence to release a wine like the Giunta Malbec Nouveau. I knew the world wine market was ready for these fresh and crunchy styles of wine and Sydney was a big part of that.

What can customers expect from your visit?

In a couple words, 'engagement and activity'. Having moved to NZ only 11 years ago, my passion for its vibrant wine scene and stories within is greater than ever. I'm the guy with the maps on the backs of my bottles explaining why and how those mountains and rivers effect our terroir. But more than that, I'm the guy who loves to tell stories of my adventures and all the great people I work with here in Hawkes Bay and Martinborough. That curiosity and appreciation of our stories is what led me to do my podcast, which now has a loyal following. But it is a two way street. When I come to place like Sydney and especially a new place for me in Newcastle, I will be asking them a lot of questions. Where to eat, what to see, where are the good local artists and craftsmen/women. I'm getting more comfortable with Sydney but that doesn't mean I will be relaxing at all. If you know me at all, you know that I'm one to keep exploring, looking up old friends and following up on new contacts. Sydney has a great coffee scene and I'll be utilising that as I explore well into the evening. If you recommend a great place to visit, especially if it's your place, I'll be there and I'll be trying to speak with the locals.

Daniel's wine making style is expressive of New Zealand, an approach to truth and art. The Decibel range is proudly minimal intervention, community based and all vineyards are 100% sustainably certified. To view the Decibel range and our full portfolio, contact us here: